As remote work rises, the line between work & life disappears. Have you felt stressed, anxious or overwhelmed by the endless amounts of things to get done? The digital overload of distractions is a serious issue. What are you doing to refuel your cognitive capacity?

LiveBeyond is a Lifestyle Design platform that exists to ensure a sustainable transition into the future of work. We believe the best way to get more meaningful work done –with less stress– is by optimizing our mental & physical wellbeing.

Our immersive, 1 to 4-week co-living & co-working remote experiences, are carefully handcrafted to empower you and your team with what you need to enhance health and productivity in all aspects of life. Join any of our destinations and learn from world-class experts how to strengthen your mind-body connection, refuel your attention tank and boost your performance. LiveBeyond the 9 to 5.

Our core principles: Effective remote work; Wellbeing and Self-Growth.

As an official partner, the BASE10 community can enjoy:

  • 10% OFF in ANY of our destinations
  • Preferential partner rates when joining as a team
  • Tailored experiences for your team