Non-invasive, real time food quality information

ImpactVision is a venture-backed software company based in San Francisco helping food processors, manufacturers and retailers rapidly assess their product quality to drive superior product consistency, deliver premium quality, prevent supply chain waste and differentiate their brands.

ImpactVision was established in 2015, inspired by the founders’ discovery that hyperspectral imaging perceives information which the human eye cannot detect, such as internal quality and chemical composition also known as ripeness, firmness or shelf-life of food products. We believe the potential that this data has to transform the way supply chains process food is equivalent to the impact GPS had on navigation.

Our hyperspectral imaging software provides food companies with real-time information about the quality of their products to automate quality control, using cutting-edge machine learning techniques. Our goal is to build the world’s largest database of spectral signatures for food so that anyone, anywhere, can access this world of new information.