Natural, sustainable and biodegradable consumer products

Leafymade’s goal is to make our planet a cleaner and more beautiful place. We aim to contribute to fight one of the biggest challenges of current times: the pollution of our environment with plastic. But we also believe that sustainability is not only restricted to the environment, this is why we pay fair salaries and provide good working conditions in all our production facilities.
We source the resources for our products sustainably. This means that our production does not cause deforestation or any other kind of resource depletion.

For our leafplates we use the leaves of the Shorea Robusta trees that grow in the jungles of the state Odisha in India. Tribal women pick the leaves in the rain forest. They sterilize and thoroughly clean them, and stitch them together at our local production facilities. Then the stitched leaves are transported to the city of Bhubaneswar where they are shaped using a hot pressing machine.

The coconut fiber for our pots comes from the jungles as a by-product of the local industries. We press it into pots that are just perfect for growing. No chemicals, plastics or anything unwanted is used that could leach into the plants and into your body. These pots are amazingly beautiful, naturally biodegradeable and sustainably sourced. This flexible and fibrous material is perfect for letting the roots breathe and absorb moisture from beneath, avoiding rotting, and eventually letting the roots penetrate trough.