DNA on canvas

Genetic canvases are a way of turning a small piece of you into a unique and modern work of art. From a simple cheek swab we will extract your DNA and turn it into a pattern that we then print on canvas and deliver right to your doorstep. This way you will have a self-portrait like no other, and definitely a great conversation starter with any guests.

These canvases work great for the whole family, since you will be able to see how your children have inherited half of their DNA from you, and half from your partner. And you can do all this without any worry about what else you might learn about yourself. We have made sure that these canvases do not show any medical information, or can be used in any kind of identification process. You can also be assured that we will destroy any samples or information we have about your DNA, as soon as we have delivered the final canvas to you.

With each canvas there will be a complete information sheet delivered, tailor made for your specific canvas. That way you can be sure to know exactly how your canvas was made, and you can tell all your friends about it. We also offer several color schemes and sizes to make sure that our canvases fits in your home. Check out our gallery for some inspiration.