Region Uppsala

Region Uppsala is a public sector organisation which has one of its goals to make the region more innovative. Region Uppsala wants its residents to see Uppsala as a thriving region and a place they want want to work, live and develop themselves in.

BASE10 recently secured a public procurement from Region Uppsala and Uppsala Kommun for 5 years starting in 2018 whereby we will create and run a range of services and activities to encourage and develop innovation amongst startups. This includes for example:

  • Offering a range of affordable hotdesk seats and private offices for startups with high growth potential
  • Creating free events and workshops that support and promote entrepreneurship
  • Creating matchmaking programmes through BASE10 and our partners that help startups raising capital to do so
  • Providing additional opportunities and events for those in the minority including for example those who have immigrated to Uppsala, or women in technology.
  • Providing press and attention to both Uppsala as a region and to its startups in national and international platforms.
  • Providing a meeting point for city representatives to engage with its startup community to explore how problems and challenges in the city can be solved with new technologies and innovation.