Uppsala Kommun

Uppsala Kommun (Uppsala Municipality) is home to over 200,000 people, with Uppsala being the 4th biggest city in Sweden.

Uppsala Kommun has been a long standing partner to BASE10, and in 2018 BASE10 won a 5 year procurement from them along side Region Uppsala to keep providing services support and activities towards startups in Uppsala.

By being partly public sector financed, BASE10 is able to focus its resources on attracting the right kind of startups to it’s centre, offering them extremely competitive prices along with a range of opportunities that are designed to help and encourage companies with high growth potential to succeed.

This, amongst other areas, includes

  • Offering a range of affordable hotdesk seats and private offices for startups with high growth potential
  • Creating free events and workshops that support and promote entrepreneurship
  • Creating matchmaking programmes through BASE10 and our partners that help startups raising capital to do so
  • Providing additional opportunities and events for those in the minority including for example those who have immigrated to Uppsala, or women in technology.
  • Providing press and attention to both Uppsala as a region and to its startups in national and international platforms.
  • Providing a meeting point for city representatives to engage with its startup community to explore how problems and challenges in the city can be solved with new technologies and innovation.